Abstracting nature – variations on a photographic theme

Something a little different today.  Last Saturday, in glaring sunshine, I participated in a thematic photo walk along the Donaukanal near Kunsthaus Wien – Museum Hundertwasser.  From time to time the museum offers photo walks based on themes in their current exhibitions.  “Some Plant Volatiles” by Hamburg-based photographer Jochen Lempert provided the foundation for Saturday´sContinue reading “Abstracting nature – variations on a photographic theme”

Observing collectors of the exotic

Missionaries – mercenaries – ethnographers – tourists… One might say that collecting things is a basic human urge.  Some people collect clocks,  antique books, vintage clothing, rubber ducks, bottle tops, even umbrella sleeves (!) – you name it, somebody will surely be collecting it.   (I personally admit to an out-of-control collection of (artificial) birdsContinue reading “Observing collectors of the exotic”

Art in the aftermath of war – a special angle on two current exhibitions at the Belvedere

Last Friday I finally had the chance to attend an expert tour at the Belvedere again.  The Belvedere has an outstanding programme of guided tours by curators and historians, and I try to go as often as I can (which, given my schedule lately, is less often than I would like). The excellent art historyContinue reading “Art in the aftermath of war – a special angle on two current exhibitions at the Belvedere”

Monstrous machines and biting dogs – Keith Haring´s Alphabet at the Albertina

Keith Haring is perhaps best known for his funky cartoons of happy babies with halos and line drawings of Mickey Mouse look-alikes.  At first glance his use of garish colours and popping black silhouettes gives the impression of a happy cartoon world.  What you can buy on buttons and T-shirts are often his happier motifs.  Continue reading “Monstrous machines and biting dogs – Keith Haring´s Alphabet at the Albertina”

Going wild at the Leopold Museum

Wow!  The Heidi Horten Collection exhibition at the Leopold Museum is aptly named.  It really is superb.   Last week  @igersaustria.at organized a special photo tour of the exhibit.  What an impressive private collection!   One really has to be grateful to Heidi Goëss-Horten for making such masterpieces available for public viewing for the first time.Continue reading “Going wild at the Leopold Museum”

A preview of Vienna´s long night of research – Part 1: the MAK

On 13 April 2018 you have an opportunity to visit many of Vienna´s cultural and research institutions for free.  It´s Lange Nacht der Forschung (Long Night of Research) again!  LNF18 is the only nationwide science communication event that makes the services of domestic institutions accessible to the general public – from school projects to cutting-edgeContinue reading “A preview of Vienna´s long night of research – Part 1: the MAK”

Ganymed Nature – intense performances at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Wow!  Just wow!  If you have not been to any of the productions by wenn es so weit ist, and even if you have, you really should go see Ganymed Nature at Vienna´s largest art museum, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien. After Ganymed Boarding (2011), Ganymed Goes Europe (2014), Ganymed Dreaming (2015), and Ganymed fe maleContinue reading “Ganymed Nature – intense performances at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien”