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I am a world citizen based in Vienna (which also happens to be where I grew up). I am proud of my city. The opportunities it affords everyone, no matter their budget, to enjoy culture and nature make it very livable. Both nature and culture are very close to my heart, so this is the perfect place for me. Having lived in and enjoyed the culture of several other places around the world, I can say so with some authority.

Here I present personal impressions about Vienna´s nature and cultural offerings, with a little more background information than I am able to give on Instagram. In 2019 I also added a (still small) travel channel to be able to show some of the photos from my travels.

Do follow my Instagram feed if you like a mix of things (@in_publico , stories of life – it is colourful!)

In November 2020 I launched a new private project, the Spectaculum Magazine, where I feature “spectacular photography of the arts”. (Arts being interpreted broadly as anything performing or fine art related.) Go have a look, and if you have something to share, don´t be shy.

I am also part of the team that manages ThePictorial-List website and Instagram page, and I occasionally collaborate with other photographers on Pictorial Stories for their online Magazine. Check it out, there are interesting photo essays and reports on all kinds of topics from around the world.

Disclosure: I have expertise and a passion for biodiversity (nature) conservation. For all things „cultural“ I have a passion too, but make no claim of particular expertise. Photography is something I enjoy greatly, but I am not a professional photographer, although I have been expanding my photographic horizons in several workshops.

I was interviewed by The Pictorial-List about my photography passion. If you’d like to take a look, click the link.


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P.S. Some people may interpret my blog entries as advertising, because I often mention particular entities (e.g. museums) or names (e.g. artists).  I assure you, I have never been paid to say any of it.  So if you will, you can interpret some of it as “unpaid advertising”.


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