Tonight´s the night: LNF18 at Vienna´s Natural History Museum

A favourite of mine, the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien will open its doors to the public for free this evening.  It is one of the many LNF18 venues presenting fascinating insights into the world of science and research this evening from 5 pm to 11 pm.

The NHM is beautiful inside and out. On a nice day, the Viennese enjoy picknicking on the lawns between the Natural History and the Art Museum.

Did you know that the NHM is more than a museum?  Some 60 full-time scientists work behind the scenes, studying earth sciences, biology, anthropology, and more.


The LNF18 programme at the NHM

  • A lecture about the current research project “Austrian Barcode of Life” at 5 pm
  • Opening of the art exhibit “The Art of Magnetism – Temporary Ornaments” at 7 pm (This one is going to be fascinating for science and art lovers alike.)
  • The Citizen Science Marketplace, where you can find out how to become a contributor to one of many Austrian Citizen Science projects
  • Look into space! In front of the museum, you can do some stargazing at a mobile observatory.
NHM_KSvadlenak (3)
Classical museum exhibits are augmented by some multimedia displays. Here a photo of a model of the ocean currents that go around Earth. (In real life, it is animated.)

Note though that on the LNF18 only the auditorium, the mineralogical halls 1-4, the upper dome hall and the corridors of the NHM are open.  So you´ll have to come back another day to see the really cool moving dinosaur – I´ll tell you about that some other time.


And something else, rather close to my heart (full disclosure: I have a background in biodiversity conservation):  On Saturday, 14 April, the museum has an “Action Day” against wildlife crime.  Got any animal-products at home that you bought as a souvenir on your foreign travels?  Show them to the experts, and they can tell you whether  these trinkets are harmless from the species protection point of view.  The illegal trade in endangered species or products made from them is a global wildlife conservation issue. Especially tourists are often unaware that they are breaking the law by buying seemingly harmless  souvenirs.

Coffee at the Science Café – what else?  

At the NHM café in the gorgeous domed hall, young people (and adults too) can chat with scientists and find out about their research and everyday life as a scientist.  You´ll see, scientists are not stuffy at all!

NHM_KSvadlenak (1)
One of my favourite places for coffee and cake. The elegant NHM café will be transformed into a Science Café for the evening.

The agony of choice – where to go?

I just wish I could be in several places at the same time.  Mysticism is not really my thing, but this is one event where multilocation would be a great skill to possess.

Apart from the Natural History Museum (really a must see, with or without kids),  on this eighth Long Night of Research, renowned research institutions will allow a unique look behind the scenes  at over 260 locations all over Austria.  Take a look at the programme.    Admission is free, registration is not required.

The NHM, the KHM, the Welt Museum , and the Wien Museum are all on my list.  Let´s see if I can get to all of them.  Luckily, at least the museum venues are open almost every day of the year!



Become a friend of the NHM and get in for free every as often as you like!

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  1. Thank you Karinsvad!!! For the useful tips, alerts and insights. I have been visiting NHM for years and your. Log has opened a whole new world for me for this beautiful museum – one of the gems of Vienna.

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