Fridays for Future

Time for a pro-nature conservation rant (after all, my VienNature Culturegram has the word “nature” in it, and I´ve been neglecting that part a bit). “Species have always gone extinct”.  “The earth´s climate has changed many times before”.  This and other unscientific global warming and climate change myths  are commonly spouted by the uninformed andContinue reading “Fridays for Future”

A global adventure at home

No, I am not talking about traveling the world.  Or maybe I am — but while staying home in my city.  What I did the other day was virtually travel around the globe, actually around a lot of globes, right here in Vienna 🙂   I joined Instagramers Austria  for a visit to Vienna´s GlobeContinue reading “A global adventure at home”

A natural history of war – tracing an evolution

On Friday I was able to join an InstaWalk again with Instagramers Austria and  Instagramers Vienna,  at one of my favorite places, the Vienna Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum Wien).  The museum has a new exhibition on: War. Tracing an evolution.  War is a somewhat unusual topic for a Natural History Museum, I think.  Is warContinue reading “A natural history of war – tracing an evolution”

Stargazing in Ottakring

I don´t know how many times I have gone by the Kuffner-Sternwarte in the greenbelt of Ottakring, Vienna´s 16th district, and never gone inside.  This grave omission has now been remedied, thanks to the very informative (and free) history tour given by a volunteer of the Kuffner-Sternwarte Association. When it comes to Ottakring, most ofContinue reading “Stargazing in Ottakring”

Call of the wild: biodiversity days in Vienna

In a couple of days, it´s time to visit Lainzer Tiergarten.   On 8 and 9 June this lovely forest park in Vienna´s West will be hosting the 17th Vienna Biodiversity Day.  This event  is co-organized by the Vienna Environmental Protection Department (MA 22) as a contribution to the “GEO Day of Biodiversity“. (Actually, theyContinue reading “Call of the wild: biodiversity days in Vienna”

Nature is good for you – and Vienna has plenty of it

After the looong winter we had this year, it seems that in Vienna spring was just bursting at the seams.  Right now, just about everything seems to be blooming all at once: forsythias, apple, cherry and pear trees, tulips, the lowly but lovely daisies and dandelions, etc., etc.    A veritable #ParadisusVindobonensis!  Even the lilac, whichContinue reading “Nature is good for you – and Vienna has plenty of it”

Tonight´s the night: LNF18 at Vienna´s Natural History Museum

A favourite of mine, the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien will open its doors to the public for free this evening.  It is one of the many LNF18 venues presenting fascinating insights into the world of science and research this evening from 5 pm to 11 pm. Did you know that the NHM is more than aContinue reading “Tonight´s the night: LNF18 at Vienna´s Natural History Museum”

And now Part 2 of my preview of Vienna´s long night of research: the ZAMG

Last Saturday I had a chance to join Instagramers Austria for an Instawalk and tour a place I have never been to: the Central Office of Meteorology and Geodynamics (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik), ZAMG for short.  Located in Vienna´s 19th district, it is also popularly referred to as “Hohe Warte” for its location.  Continue reading “And now Part 2 of my preview of Vienna´s long night of research: the ZAMG”

A preview of Vienna´s long night of research – Part 1: the MAK

On 13 April 2018 you have an opportunity to visit many of Vienna´s cultural and research institutions for free.  It´s Lange Nacht der Forschung (Long Night of Research) again!  LNF18 is the only nationwide science communication event that makes the services of domestic institutions accessible to the general public – from school projects to cutting-edgeContinue reading “A preview of Vienna´s long night of research – Part 1: the MAK”