Painted with colour and light

Francisco Claure Ibarra hanging up some of his artworks in the private gallery at Weinhauerhaus Gumpoldskirchen

Next Friday is THE day to visit Gumpoldskirchen, which is not only a charming small vineyard town with delightful wineries and a beautiful landscape, reachable from Vienna by Schnellbahn, but also becomes a venue for beautiful art at the gallery [Weinhauerhaus]KUNST on 12 May from 7 p.m.: the joint exhibition of Francisco Claure Ibarra and Silvia Weiß is opening that evening. (This private gallery is located in Badenerstrasse 33.)

Silvia Weiß and Francisco Claure Ibarra in front of two of their artworks

Francisco Claure Ibarra is from Bolivia, based in Vienna. His art includes a range of techniques, including photography, painting, crafting, and (in previous works) sculptural work with animal skulls. In this exhibition, viewers can admire his hand-coloured and gilt analogue portraits from Ladakh.

Francisco uses a medium format analogue camera for his photographs, which he then exposes directly onto handcrafted paper. After that, he handcolours the black and white photos, and in the end he applies gilded accents with gold leaf. The gold leaf has a property of getting a kind of patina with age, so that the artworks evolve over time.

Silvia Weiß is a painter who, as she told me, likes to process her travel memories in the form of oil paintings on canvas. For this exhibition she is showing a selection of buildings that she found in Georgia on a recent trip. The exhibition is taking place in her family´s private gallery in the attic of a lovely old farm house with a very green garden and a view into the vinyards. The old wooden beams and brick walls lend the place quite a special atmosphere.

Paintings of Georgian buildings by Silvia Weiß

I had the opportunity to get a privileged preview of the exhibition during the hanging of the paintings (because sadly, I will have to miss the opening event as I will be travelling). I do always enjoy a behind the scenes look, so this was actually a special treat.

If you visit this private gallery next Friday, you are guaranteed a good time – not only is there the art in the attic, there is also a music program with the great Jairo Morales and Laura Aya, and some South American and other food treats!


Weinhauerhaus, Badenerstrasse 33, 2352 Gumpoldskirchen


Friday, 12 May 2023 at 7 p.m.

Outside opening night, call 0680 1739668 or email to make an appointment to see the artworks.

Some beautiful walking paths await visitors to Gumpoldskirchen


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