London in December

I spent a few – all too few – days in London in early December 2019.  Not my first time, and it will not be my last if I can help it.  It was the pre-Christmas time, so days were short and there were Christmas decorations everywhere.  Lovely for capturing the glow of warm indoor lights in the dark.  And because it was not my first time in London, I did not feel compelled to photograph all the major tourist spots.  I concentrated on streets, people, and – yes – art. (I always try to fit in some art museums when I travel.)

Chancery Lane
London blues




At the Poetry Cafe

I saw poetry in motion – award-winning poets Raymond Antrobus (The Perseverence) and Carlos Andrés Gómez (reading poems from his new book “Hijito”).  Because Raymond is hearing-impaired, a sign language translator interpreted the poetry.

London City architecture

Like any old city, London is so full of contrasts.  Old meets new in a lovely jumble of styles.

Old meets new in London City.
From London´s Streets

Candid photography, capturing life in the streets, or at the museum, or in the park, or maybe even in the countryside, for that matter, is something I have been getting into over the past year.  Candidly capturing fleeting moments of life, human expressions, situations has become a passion.  You never know what you will find around the next corner.  Here are some things I found.

Skating at Somerset House


Caught a movie crew in action
Got a thumbs up from the green grocer 🙂
London dogs

My trip would not have been complete without taking a few pictures of dogs.


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