A moody Christmas present in my inbox

I just got a really nice Christmas present in my inbox.  The third issue of the Street and Moody Zine, aptly sub-titled Merry drunk! I’m Christmas! is out.  For the latest issue the editor featured my Aarhus photo as chapter cover for the Moody section and also included two more of my photos.  So permit me to diverge a bit from my usual theme (Vienna culture) here and allow me to do a  little bit of unpaid advertising for an unpaid project.


My photo of Dokk1 in Aarhus is featured as chapter cover in the Moody chapter of Street and Moody Zine, Issue 3 (2019)

Street & Moody is a labour of love by the German photographer Van @offeneblende, who also hosts the Instagram street community platform streetandmoody.  It is a beautifully laid out collection of photos by German (and Austrian, if you include me) street photographers, accompanied by the photographers´ notes about their own photos.  I like that.  Background is always interesting to me.  I know a lot of people say that a picture should speak for itself, but personally I like to have context, and I especially like reading about what was going on or why a photographer took a particular picture.  The texts are in German, but if you do not speak it there is always online translation available.

When I say the zine is brand new, I mean it.  Van developed the concept last September, and the first issue of Street and Moody (Fridays for Photography) came out in October 2019, followed by a second issue – So Brexiting! – which also featured some of my shots – in November.  So I guess this is going to be a monthly magazine – but Van has just announced that he is planning to make a number of changes, so I am curious what these will be.  I truly admire his passion, as I know that many many hours must go into putting such a magazine together.  And it is free to download!

So if you are interested in photography, do have a look and support this great volunteer effort.  These are the other two of my photos that Van selected for the current issue (from my Instagram account in_publico).

The one I suggested – Vienna.
The attic of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, one of my other photos, which Van had selected for the 2nd issue of Street and Moody

Thank you very much, Van, for what you are doing!  And happy holidays to you!

P.S .: A shout-out to fellow photographers:  Van is already collection photos for the next issue. You can find submissions guidelines here.

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