Our city! – The city without?

73 years.  A lifetime.  Just one lifetime.  That is how long (or short) ago the liberation of the Austrian concentration camp at Mauthausen took place, on 6 May 1945 –  one of several such death camps for people of Jewish heritage and other groups whom the terror regime of the National Socialists considered undesirables.   SoContinue reading “Our city! – The city without?”

Monstrous machines and biting dogs – Keith Haring´s Alphabet at the Albertina

Keith Haring is perhaps best known for his funky cartoons of happy babies with halos and line drawings of Mickey Mouse look-alikes.  At first glance his use of garish colours and popping black silhouettes gives the impression of a happy cartoon world.  What you can buy on buttons and T-shirts are often his happier motifs.  Continue reading “Monstrous machines and biting dogs – Keith Haring´s Alphabet at the Albertina”