Wild beasts and peasant life at the Albertina: Niko Pirosmani

Just before leaving for a two week trip I managed to finally go see the exhibition of paintings by the Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani at the Albertina Museum.  There is just one more day to see this exhibition of naive depictions of animals, farmlife, and battle scenes. Painting to make a living Pirosmani was bornContinue reading “Wild beasts and peasant life at the Albertina: Niko Pirosmani”


Before 1854 trade with Japan was confined to a Dutch monopoly and Japanese goods imported into Europe were for the most part confined to porcelain and lacquer ware. But when the 200-year-old Japanese foreign policy of Seclusion ended and trade between Japan and the West opened up, a sort of collection craze of Japanese artContinue reading “Japanesery”